All You Need to Know About Digital Photography

There were the days when you had to take your camera to a shop and wait to get until your film developed. Technology has changed and from last two-decade digital camera has gained the popularity. Earlier when digital camera introduced in the market were expensive and photos taken weren’t of good quality. However, modern digital cameras are affordable and have a good quality of the picture. Nowadays your smartphone serve as a best digital camera for you. Digital photography lets you see your images instantly and keep the best one you like.

Digital photographs can easily be shared with your family and friends via the internet, social networks, and email.

If you fancy as a photographer? Which type of camera you need? Do you need a DSLR camera or a compact camera will be fit for you? What about using your smartphone or Tablet?

Following are a detailed description of various digital cameras and their Pros and Cons shared by Michael William Paul a leading fashion photographer of US.


SLR & DSLR Camera

The large, complex cameras frequently grasped in the hands of professional photographers are known as SLR or DSLR cameras. SLR means Single Lens Reflex. It permits the photographer to see precisely what camera sees when they look through the viewfinder. In early cameras, there were two lenses, one for the actual camera and one for the viewfinder.

DSLR stands for Digital Single Lens Reflex, Just exactly like older SLR camera, they accurately show the photographer how the final photo will look like. It also shows the preview on the camera lens and viewfinder.

DSLR camera is now affordable to amateur and professionals. It gives better picture quality, more creative images a compare to the compact camera. The main advantages of a DSLR camera are you can use an interchangeable lens like wide angle lens, telephoto lens, and a macro lens to produce a different effect like panoramic, zooming in and shooting very small objects.

Compact Cameras

As DSLR cameras are of large size, expensive and not easy to use. Compact digital cameras will be easy to use. Just point and shoot. You can play with all the settings like shutter speed or exposure, and some offer a various mode of shooting. If you prefer, you simply set auto mode and the camera will do everything for you.

While choosing a digital camera for you, take care of few points like Resolution which should be high in a good camera. Choose a camera with an optical zoom. Storage or memory card which you usually have to buy separately. Batteries, cameras should have a lithium-ion battery which can be plugged –in and recharged.

Smartphones and Tablets

An earlier smartphone that could take pictures used to be a bit of gimmick. But nowadays mobile companies are focusing on making good camera phone with high resolution. However, it can’t be compared with the DSLR and compact digital cameras. But the mobile camera is good for social sharing directly through Wi-Fi and 3G, without getting messy with cables and hard drives.

DSLRs are good for those who are keen to digging into all technical aspects of photography. Compact cameras are good for those who do not want to take much difficulty for the love of their photography. Smartphones are best to take quick photos and easy to share online.


Benefits Of Photography and Special Result Photographs

Photographs are startling keepsakes alone, nonetheless there are special techniques which can enhance and infuse up your pictures, making them ultimately more unique. You do not must be a competitor photographer to use distinctive effects or trick photography.Even different photographers can shoot certainly amazing pictures that will urge a second look.

download (12).jpg

Here Michael William Paul shared benefits offered by special effect photography:

1. No Expensive Equipment is Necessary- You can achieve special effects and deceive photography techniques without spending unwarranted money on equipment.

2. Add a Personal Touch To Photographs- If you prefer a photo to stand out, rare effects and deceive photography is the behavior to achieve this.

3. Unleashes Your Creativity- You can startle a moment with time-lapse photography, or see the realized view on panoramic photography.

4. Add The Stunning Factor To Photos- Adding these effects to your photography bouncecel be a scandal starter, or draw out bill that the human regard cannot see.

images (1).jpg

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Water Photography by Michael William Paul


Water presents interesting photographic opportunities. Water is beautiful, it reflects light and yet it is transparent. It shimmers, it glows, it ripples and myriad of other interesting effects which can enhance a photograph.

Additionally, it’s quite surprising the huge variety of colors water presents in photographs. In some cases it’s blue; in others it because yellow or green. Here Image shows Michael William Paul take glamour shots in water.




How to Shoot Stunning Photos

In photography, technique is more important than equipment.If the camera is in your possession, you will start to see the world differently; you will look for and find Opportunities to take great photographs.

images (2)

Photography technique is more important than the latest camera technologies. You don’t know how to shoot photos than most amazing digital SLR also won’t give you good results. Here Michael William Paul explains how to shoot Stunning photos easily.

Follow these tips shared by Michael William Paul to shoot stunning photos:

  1. Set Camera Resolution
  2. Use The Auto Mode
  3. Understand White Balance
  4. Set A High ISO
  5. Find An Interesting Angle

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Secrets To Become A Professional Photographer

Today with all about digital cameras is very easy to interchange to a Black and white terrain to take a photo or afterwards a photo is taken. But is important to recognize what hostility it makes. Digital cameras have clearly made photography easier, for all that this implies that to amount to be asked really helpful pictures generally told you wish is an invaluable camera, which barely isn’t true. Michael William Paul says even the whole of the roughly basic of digital cameras, you can move up in the world stunning results if you comprehend what you’re doing.

Digital Photography Tips And Efficient Skills By Michael William Paul

Michael William Paul

Photography is the gift and behavior of creating still continuance pictures by recording aurora particles on a sensitive medium. Photography has been considering been a daydream time career and fun activity for people all around the world. There is an analytical history involved with all of the photography, multiple purposes for photography and general love of photography all around the world. Here Michael William Paul wants to discuss about digital photography and efficient skills.

How to Become a Fashion Photographer for a Magazine

Have you ever heard the popular gossip going among young girls, women? The obvious question they were discussing about the latest fashion trends in clothing, jewelry and footwear. How exciting is this to be updated about the fashion industry. We all wants to look gorgeous though graceful in every event of our life. People love to flaunt their fashion accessories. Fashion gives you glamorous, sophisticated and stylish look that fits your lifestyle. If we talk about fashion in clothing then it gives you confidence to look stunning and fabulous. Now the next question which comes in to mind that how would you know about the latest trends of fashion? Fashion shows showcase the new trends of fashion designers but it’s not possible for all of us to attend every fashion show. Quite obviously our fashion magazines gives insight of ever fashion shows held in the world. Fashion Photographer clicked photographs for magazines. If photography is your passion and you want to be a professional fashion photographer then by following below mentioned steps you can be a Fashion Photographer.

Michael William Paul

Study Photography

Fashion photographers do not require any degree in photography however they should have deep knowledge of digital photography & lighting. As technology plays an important role in fashion photography, knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and other editing software to enhance and alter the resulting images. You can study photography in college and university to take better understanding of digital photography, lighting and history of fashion photography.

Develop Editing Skills

Fashion Photographers clicked the photo shoots and alter the images according to the client needs. For this you have to acquire excellent editing skills. There are many editing software’s in the market which can help you out but you have to get expert in it. Adobe Photoshop is the popular editing software mainly used by fashion photographers.

Build a Portfolio

To enter in the Fashion photography, it is mandatory to showcase your talent. You have to build a portfolio to show your photography talents to your clients. Although internet gives you lot more space to store your photography and you can upload photographs to a website called digital portfolio but there may be clients who want to see that old style of book portfolio which showcase your fashion photography. Digital Photography is good to get a call from client but when you visit photo editors, you should have something to show.

Book Shoots

For becoming a commercial Fashion Photographer, you need to work closely with a photo editor of a magazine. You can book shoots for them which will include various arrangements needs to be done such as travel, reserving spaces for photo shoots, meeting client needs etc. You can assist any magazine photo editor to get the experience to manage photo shoots.

Michael William Paul

Manage Responsibilities

Fashion photographers are mostly self-employed and manage all the engagement besides photography like marketing, raising finance. You have to answers client e-mails and phone calls etc. Initially you have to manage all the things by your own. Being a new Fashion Photographer in industry, you have to face some challenges.

Michael William Paul is an international fashion and portrait photographer, passionate about his work for both editorial and advertising. For taking his guidance you can click on

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