Water Photography by Michael William Paul


Water presents interesting photographic opportunities. Water is beautiful, it reflects light and yet it is transparent. It shimmers, it glows, it ripples and myriad of other interesting effects which can enhance a photograph.

Additionally, it’s quite surprising the huge variety of colors water presents in photographs. In some cases it’s blue; in others it because yellow or green. Here Image shows Michael William Paul take glamour shots in water.





7 Tips and Advice for Aspiring Fashion Photographers

The Fashion world is full of glamour and excitement. People connected to fashion world have every single update of fashion in trend. Fashion photographer captures every minute detail of clothing and other fashion items. Fashion photography is most often done for advertisements or fashion magazines such as Elle, Vogue and Vanity Fair. Fashion photographers require to translate their artistic vision into photographs. For a successful fashion photographer, your work should be seen by as many as people as possible. Michael William Paul is a leading director and fashion photographer of US.

According to Michael William Paul aspiring photographers need to focus on the little things that fall through the cracks when you are so focused on getting the perfect shot. A 100% technically correct image lacks of elements that truly make it worth looking into. Here are some tips and advice from Michael William Paul for getting the whole picture.

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Preparation:- The most important and first thing is to prepare yourself for the shoot in advance. Never walk onto a set without having concrete idea of what exactly you want to achieve. Grab some books of inspiring images to get ideas on makeup, lighting, styling, posing and editing. You will surely catch an idea or concept to develop.

Be a Director:- There are models who need a lot of direction. Michael William Paul said He direct a lot to create a shot. Never lose sight of direction.

Create Your Concept:- In fashion industry, there are stylists and makeup artists. Try to involve with everyone. Always open to suggestions to see what others can take to the table, however, do not let others take a toll on your concept. For a smooth execution of your story, it’s important to take control.

Shoot from every Angle:- Move and move to take the best shot. Experiment from every angle during shooting. Do not wait for the shot come to you, Go grab your perfect shot.

Break the Rules:- What you have studied in books and told by others. Do not follow them blindly. Break the rules and take your creativity out of your inner shell. You will be surprised to know yourself.

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Never Stop Shooting:- Your creative energy, boost your photographic brain to shoot perfect clicks. Shoot whenever, wherever you want. The moment you stop shooting, you will be losing your pace and creative energy. So Shoot, Shoot and shoot to stay away from falling into the dark hole of underestimating of yourself.

Confidence:- You have to trust yourself and be confident about what you are doing. Stay positive about your work. The best way to learn is to completely surrender yourself into it. Every time you make a mistake, you will learn something. Do not afraid of being screwed up. This is how you will learn things and do better next time.

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How to Shoot Stunning Photos

In photography, technique is more important than equipment.If the camera is in your possession, you will start to see the world differently; you will look for and find Opportunities to take great photographs.

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Photography technique is more important than the latest camera technologies. You don’t know how to shoot photos than most amazing digital SLR also won’t give you good results. Here Michael William Paul explains how to shoot Stunning photos easily.

Follow these tips shared by Michael William Paul to shoot stunning photos:

  1. Set Camera Resolution
  2. Use The Auto Mode
  3. Understand White Balance
  4. Set A High ISO
  5. Find An Interesting Angle

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Ultimate Ways for Photography

Photography is a style of feeling, of stunning, of loving. What you have affected on show is captured forever. It remembers little things, invent after you have forgotten everything. Photographers behave the camera and lens to expose the light recording material to the required approach of stumble to consist of a latent image or raw file which, after due processing, is improved to a usable image.

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In digital cameras, rather of show, an electronic image sensor based on light-sensitive devices is used. Michael William Paul fuses the world of fashion and politics encompassing the pure essence of a twenty-first century protest and conveying a much deeper message.

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Digital Photography Tips And Efficient Skills By Michael William Paul

Michael William Paul

Photography is the gift and behavior of creating still continuance pictures by recording aurora particles on a sensitive medium. Photography has been considering been a daydream time career and fun activity for people all around the world. There is an analytical history involved with all of the photography, multiple purposes for photography and general love of photography all around the world. Here Michael William Paul wants to discuss about digital photography and efficient skills.

The Best Career Advice for Fashion Magazine Photography

Many of people wants to look stunning though graceful in every event of our life. People want to flaunt their fashion accessories. Fashion provides you glamorous, superior and stylish look that meets your lifestyle.

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Best Advice for Fashion & Beauty Photography

Beauty admires everywhere. We love to see beauty in everything and we allured to it. Many fashion designers create numerous latest trends and fashion photography brings these changeable trends to us. Widely changes fashion world always showcase their talent in fashion shows organized by many fashion houses. Ravishing, Radiant and Glamorous Divas present the latest trends of the fashion world. How is it possible to attend every fashion show to get the information of what’s been presented?  Fashion photography gives you the inner sight of each and every fashion shows. It gives you entire information of what to wear according to latest trend of fashion. Who does not want to be updated about new trend?

Fashion photography has been started in 1856 by Adolphe Braun, a French photographer, to make the people aware of fashion world. There are numerous fashion photographers all over the world but some has distinction in it.  Michael William Paul; A reputed Director and Photographer who has earned reputation in the fashion world by his contemporary and creative approach. MWP is an insightful entrepreneur and a dedicated human being.

screenshot-michaelwilliampaul com 2016-04-29 22-18-54

Michael William Paul is a Director and Photographer, passionate about his work for both editorial and advertising. He has changed the perception of fashion and beauty photography. Michael‘s approach towards his works is factual and honest.  Reorganization and respect for new talent adds for value to quality of work. He always admires being working with young artists.

MWP being an international fashion and portrait photographer has been working over past 10 years with in the United Nations. He has started shooting a Television documentary in Russia in 1998 when he was an undergraduate; this encouraged the MWP to come in this field officially by journalism, photography or film. He was hired as a photographer initially later on; he turned an information and media consultant
While shooting as a Portrait photographer for largest women’s lecture series held in North America MWP got inspired by Jane Fonda, Shirley MacLain, Isabella Rossellini, Maya Angelou. Michael William Paul has tremendous knowledge about fashion and beauty. Many renowned International magazines like Elle, Town and Country, Harper’s Bazaar, Today’s Bride Flare, Arise, Wedding Bells has published his  fashion photography both editorial and advertising.

The special edition of book publication “New African Fashion “ has selected MWP’s  photograph of empowering three African super  models(Hawa, Nana and Sonia). He focused on producing and directing the photo shoots.  He has worked in front of the camera in the popular internationally syndicated Canadian TC series “In Your Space”. MWP has given guest appearances for E Network Television shows and VH1.

Michael William Paul has involved in many humanitarian ventures.  He is the founder of Universal Models for Peace (UMP), an international non-profit organization. Michael has represent UMP in the Fashion world Forum at the United States Headquarters on International Women’s Day with moderator and Fashion icon Fern Mallis and Carolyn Hardy of UN Women. He is the part of UN and contributing his service to solve the world issues.

Michael William Paul has given the new heights to fashion photography.

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