Tips and Techniques for Under Water Photography

The general purpose of underwater water photography is to bring ocean life to the surface. The general public curious about what lives underwater and what truly goes on below the ocean surface. Underwater photographers create it their mission to capture this hidden world on camera and convey to those folks that can never get an opportunity to examine it primarily. According to Michael William Paul, a renowned fashion photographer, the underwater world needs particular skills and techniques that are totally different from general photography skills.

The underwater world must be captured up close in contrast to wildlife photography as an example. Since the water refracts and distorts pictures, the nearer you’re to your photography subject, the less distortion you may have. An excellent deal of patience is needed for underwater photography. You’ll be attempting to require a photograph a fish or dolphin, however then they suddenly swim away before you get an opportunity to. Also, water contains several particles like organism which will cause the image to lose distinction and sharpness.

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Michael William Paul suggested using an underwater flash, or strobe, can facilitate offer the right lighting necessary for taking an excellent image. Therefore, it’s essential to use an underwater camera with a flash. This may facilitate to bring in different colors and distinguish them with the colors of the subject. An average sized strobe is all that’s necessary as an over sized strobe will find yourself difficult in the way.

The composition is extraordinarily vital. Same basic rules apply as in regular photography, however, you must shoot at the associate degree upward angle towards the subject. Due to the camouflage technique of most ocean life, they have an inclination to mix into their habitats. Since they are doing not stand out like this, they do not make good pictures. The key’s to forever attempt to get a transparent shot whenever the subject blends into the ocean background.

If you’re looking to boost underwater photography skills, you’ll initial ought to work on your photography toward land. After you get to the purpose wherever you’re taking nice photos toward land, then you’ll get in a lot of advanced world of underwater photography, wherever taking nice photos takes a lot of patience and talent. Photography below water brings ocean life to the surface which provides us a lot of information concerning the mysterious marine world. If you’re simply setting out to have an interest in underwater photography you must take into account taking the associate degree in underwater photography course to learn correct technique.


All You Need to Know About Digital Photography

There were the days when you had to take your camera to a shop and wait to get until your film developed. Technology has changed and from last two-decade digital camera has gained the popularity. Earlier when digital camera introduced in the market were expensive and photos taken weren’t of good quality. However, modern digital cameras are affordable and have a good quality of the picture. Nowadays your smartphone serve as a best digital camera for you. Digital photography lets you see your images instantly and keep the best one you like.

Digital photographs can easily be shared with your family and friends via the internet, social networks, and email.

If you fancy as a photographer? Which type of camera you need? Do you need a DSLR camera or a compact camera will be fit for you? What about using your smartphone or Tablet?

Following are a detailed description of various digital cameras and their Pros and Cons shared by Michael William Paul a leading fashion photographer of US.


SLR & DSLR Camera

The large, complex cameras frequently grasped in the hands of professional photographers are known as SLR or DSLR cameras. SLR means Single Lens Reflex. It permits the photographer to see precisely what camera sees when they look through the viewfinder. In early cameras, there were two lenses, one for the actual camera and one for the viewfinder.

DSLR stands for Digital Single Lens Reflex, Just exactly like older SLR camera, they accurately show the photographer how the final photo will look like. It also shows the preview on the camera lens and viewfinder.

DSLR camera is now affordable to amateur and professionals. It gives better picture quality, more creative images a compare to the compact camera. The main advantages of a DSLR camera are you can use an interchangeable lens like wide angle lens, telephoto lens, and a macro lens to produce a different effect like panoramic, zooming in and shooting very small objects.

Compact Cameras

As DSLR cameras are of large size, expensive and not easy to use. Compact digital cameras will be easy to use. Just point and shoot. You can play with all the settings like shutter speed or exposure, and some offer a various mode of shooting. If you prefer, you simply set auto mode and the camera will do everything for you.

While choosing a digital camera for you, take care of few points like Resolution which should be high in a good camera. Choose a camera with an optical zoom. Storage or memory card which you usually have to buy separately. Batteries, cameras should have a lithium-ion battery which can be plugged –in and recharged.

Smartphones and Tablets

An earlier smartphone that could take pictures used to be a bit of gimmick. But nowadays mobile companies are focusing on making good camera phone with high resolution. However, it can’t be compared with the DSLR and compact digital cameras. But the mobile camera is good for social sharing directly through Wi-Fi and 3G, without getting messy with cables and hard drives.

DSLRs are good for those who are keen to digging into all technical aspects of photography. Compact cameras are good for those who do not want to take much difficulty for the love of their photography. Smartphones are best to take quick photos and easy to share online.

7 Tips and Advice for Aspiring Fashion Photographers

The Fashion world is full of glamour and excitement. People connected to fashion world have every single update of fashion in trend. Fashion photographer captures every minute detail of clothing and other fashion items. Fashion photography is most often done for advertisements or fashion magazines such as Elle, Vogue and Vanity Fair. Fashion photographers require to translate their artistic vision into photographs. For a successful fashion photographer, your work should be seen by as many as people as possible. Michael William Paul is a leading director and fashion photographer of US.

According to Michael William Paul aspiring photographers need to focus on the little things that fall through the cracks when you are so focused on getting the perfect shot. A 100% technically correct image lacks of elements that truly make it worth looking into. Here are some tips and advice from Michael William Paul for getting the whole picture.

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Preparation:- The most important and first thing is to prepare yourself for the shoot in advance. Never walk onto a set without having concrete idea of what exactly you want to achieve. Grab some books of inspiring images to get ideas on makeup, lighting, styling, posing and editing. You will surely catch an idea or concept to develop.

Be a Director:- There are models who need a lot of direction. Michael William Paul said He direct a lot to create a shot. Never lose sight of direction.

Create Your Concept:- In fashion industry, there are stylists and makeup artists. Try to involve with everyone. Always open to suggestions to see what others can take to the table, however, do not let others take a toll on your concept. For a smooth execution of your story, it’s important to take control.

Shoot from every Angle:- Move and move to take the best shot. Experiment from every angle during shooting. Do not wait for the shot come to you, Go grab your perfect shot.

Break the Rules:- What you have studied in books and told by others. Do not follow them blindly. Break the rules and take your creativity out of your inner shell. You will be surprised to know yourself.

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Never Stop Shooting:- Your creative energy, boost your photographic brain to shoot perfect clicks. Shoot whenever, wherever you want. The moment you stop shooting, you will be losing your pace and creative energy. So Shoot, Shoot and shoot to stay away from falling into the dark hole of underestimating of yourself.

Confidence:- You have to trust yourself and be confident about what you are doing. Stay positive about your work. The best way to learn is to completely surrender yourself into it. Every time you make a mistake, you will learn something. Do not afraid of being screwed up. This is how you will learn things and do better next time.

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Digital Photography Tips And Efficient Skills By Michael William Paul

Michael William Paul

Photography is the gift and behavior of creating still continuance pictures by recording aurora particles on a sensitive medium. Photography has been considering been a daydream time career and fun activity for people all around the world. There is an analytical history involved with all of the photography, multiple purposes for photography and general love of photography all around the world. Here Michael William Paul wants to discuss about digital photography and efficient skills.

Michael William Paul’s MWP Studios

Producer | Director | Photographer

Michael William Paul brings many years of experience and dedication to the studio environment.

Michael’s detail and timing command success for large scale productions.  While on a smaller scale, his passion for artistic creativity shapes the mood for intimate projects, portrait sessions and creative ideas to flow organically.   Whether a big budget or smaller independent project, he applies a strict approach to detail and timing.

Michael William Paul is an expert in studio and location production.  He has over 20 years of hands on experience designing and running different studio businesses in the US, Canada, and Europe.  His international work as a diplomat covering the United Nations and world leaders only adds to his unique style offering a specific set of skills required to deliver under pressure and with exceptional results.

Starting photography as a teenager, by the time he was 20 years old, Michael was hired as the portrait photographer for North America’s leading Women’s Lecture Series “Unique Lives and Experiences”, which he held officially for ten years.  This prospect led to an ongoing collection of portraiture photography, inspiring a series of the worlds most distinguished and influential “Women of Our Time”, which is the title of the coffee table book for this collection. He has worked with and been influenced by many including; Jane Fonda, Shirley McClain, Erin Brokovich, Isabella Rosallini and Maya Angelou. His fashion photography both editorial and advertising has been published in international magazines like; Elle, Harpers Bazaar, Town and Country, Flare, Wedding Bells, Today’s Bride, Arise, Idoll Magazine, and The New York Times to name a few. Photograph out-takes from MWP’s editorial in Arise Magazine empowering three African super models, (Hawa, Nana and Sonia) was chosen for the special edition book publication “New African Fashion”.

Michael William Paul is mostly focused on producing and working as a director. However in the early years he starred in front of the camera in hit network film and Television, and independent productions. He had his acting debut starring on the popular Canadian Much Music TV series “In Your Space” playing the “handy man” on a 23 episode internationally syndicated show. and he has been invited on many occasions to bring his own on air style into the TV world as a feature and guest star for E Network Television and VH1.  A celebrated and studied actor and performer his on camera moments truly reflect a combined respect for both the craft in front of the camera and the director behind.

Photographer’s Works Revolve around Current Issues and Fashion World

Michael William Paul has in his capacity as a fashion photographer, shot international advertising campaigns for various leading brands, and for numerous international fashion publications like Elle, Flare and Harper’s Bazaar, just to name a few.

He has also been part of projects that are seemingly in a different world altogether from fashion. He has worked alongside heads of state from different governments and with groups in the UN focused on humanitarian and world development projects.

Michael William Paul

He did a big project in Russia in 1998 when he was still a student. It just so happens the ruble crashed the year that he was there. It was only five or six years after the collapse of communism. So, while he was studying there, he brought a bunch of cameras and created a television documentary on transitional economics. He was there with graduate students, but I was an undergraduate. He was filming it and got a lot of really good footage that he composed into a television documentary.

And, from that exposure, in addition to shooting for the largest women’s lecture series in North America, which included personalities such as Jane Fonda and Maya Angelou, William-Paul started his journey onward and upward. He was initially recruited as a photographer.

Michael William Paul works with international governments, commonwealths, the UN and other NGO’s. He is not so much a journalist, his work is more official – people who have access are the governments, special publications, historical documentation, and so on. He is often considered by others to be more of an information and media consultant.

Many of the groups he works with are focused on economic development in developing countries. He works on the interest of focusing on the purpose of particular assignments, or advocacy or relating to the press.

Fashion Meets Global Purpose

William-Paul has strived to involve the fashion community in global issues. He founded Universal Models for Peace and is working on another project called the Model Ambassador Project (MAP). The first of the projects that UMP was involved in surrounded the International Economic Conference in West Africa. William-Paul worked to create a program around the conference.