Tips and Techniques for Under Water Photography

The general purpose of underwater water photography is to bring ocean life to the surface. The general public curious about what lives underwater and what truly goes on below the ocean surface. Underwater photographers create it their mission to capture this hidden world on camera and convey to those folks that can never get an opportunity to examine it primarily. According to Michael William Paul, a renowned fashion photographer, the underwater world needs particular skills and techniques that are totally different from general photography skills.

The underwater world must be captured up close in contrast to wildlife photography as an example. Since the water refracts and distorts pictures, the nearer you’re to your photography subject, the less distortion you may have. An excellent deal of patience is needed for underwater photography. You’ll be attempting to require a photograph a fish or dolphin, however then they suddenly swim away before you get an opportunity to. Also, water contains several particles like organism which will cause the image to lose distinction and sharpness.

michael william paul photography

Michael William Paul suggested using an underwater flash, or strobe, can facilitate offer the right lighting necessary for taking an excellent image. Therefore, it’s essential to use an underwater camera with a flash. This may facilitate to bring in different colors and distinguish them with the colors of the subject. An average sized strobe is all that’s necessary as an over sized strobe will find yourself difficult in the way.

The composition is extraordinarily vital. Same basic rules apply as in regular photography, however, you must shoot at the associate degree upward angle towards the subject. Due to the camouflage technique of most ocean life, they have an inclination to mix into their habitats. Since they are doing not stand out like this, they do not make good pictures. The key’s to forever attempt to get a transparent shot whenever the subject blends into the ocean background.

If you’re looking to boost underwater photography skills, you’ll initial ought to work on your photography toward land. After you get to the purpose wherever you’re taking nice photos toward land, then you’ll get in a lot of advanced world of underwater photography, wherever taking nice photos takes a lot of patience and talent. Photography below water brings ocean life to the surface which provides us a lot of information concerning the mysterious marine world. If you’re simply setting out to have an interest in underwater photography you must take into account taking the associate degree in underwater photography course to learn correct technique.


Digital Photography Tips And Efficient Skills By Michael William Paul

Michael William Paul

Photography is the gift and behavior of creating still continuance pictures by recording aurora particles on a sensitive medium. Photography has been considering been a daydream time career and fun activity for people all around the world. There is an analytical history involved with all of the photography, multiple purposes for photography and general love of photography all around the world. Here Michael William Paul wants to discuss about digital photography and efficient skills.

The Best Career Advice for Fashion Magazine Photography

Many of people wants to look stunning though graceful in every event of our life. People want to flaunt their fashion accessories. Fashion provides you glamorous, superior and stylish look that meets your lifestyle.

Fashion Photographer clicked photographs for magazines. If photography is your passion and you want to be a professional fashion photographer then click on


How to Become a Fashion Photographer for a Magazine

Have you ever heard the popular gossip going among young girls, women? The obvious question they were discussing about the latest fashion trends in clothing, jewelry and footwear. How exciting is this to be updated about the fashion industry. We all wants to look gorgeous though graceful in every event of our life. People love to flaunt their fashion accessories. Fashion gives you glamorous, sophisticated and stylish look that fits your lifestyle. If we talk about fashion in clothing then it gives you confidence to look stunning and fabulous. Now the next question which comes in to mind that how would you know about the latest trends of fashion? Fashion shows showcase the new trends of fashion designers but it’s not possible for all of us to attend every fashion show. Quite obviously our fashion magazines gives insight of ever fashion shows held in the world. Fashion Photographer clicked photographs for magazines. If photography is your passion and you want to be a professional fashion photographer then by following below mentioned steps you can be a Fashion Photographer.

Michael William Paul

Study Photography

Fashion photographers do not require any degree in photography however they should have deep knowledge of digital photography & lighting. As technology plays an important role in fashion photography, knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and other editing software to enhance and alter the resulting images. You can study photography in college and university to take better understanding of digital photography, lighting and history of fashion photography.

Develop Editing Skills

Fashion Photographers clicked the photo shoots and alter the images according to the client needs. For this you have to acquire excellent editing skills. There are many editing software’s in the market which can help you out but you have to get expert in it. Adobe Photoshop is the popular editing software mainly used by fashion photographers.

Build a Portfolio

To enter in the Fashion photography, it is mandatory to showcase your talent. You have to build a portfolio to show your photography talents to your clients. Although internet gives you lot more space to store your photography and you can upload photographs to a website called digital portfolio but there may be clients who want to see that old style of book portfolio which showcase your fashion photography. Digital Photography is good to get a call from client but when you visit photo editors, you should have something to show.

Book Shoots

For becoming a commercial Fashion Photographer, you need to work closely with a photo editor of a magazine. You can book shoots for them which will include various arrangements needs to be done such as travel, reserving spaces for photo shoots, meeting client needs etc. You can assist any magazine photo editor to get the experience to manage photo shoots.

Michael William Paul

Manage Responsibilities

Fashion photographers are mostly self-employed and manage all the engagement besides photography like marketing, raising finance. You have to answers client e-mails and phone calls etc. Initially you have to manage all the things by your own. Being a new Fashion Photographer in industry, you have to face some challenges.

Michael William Paul is an international fashion and portrait photographer, passionate about his work for both editorial and advertising. For taking his guidance you can click on

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Best Advice for Fashion & Beauty Photography

Beauty admires everywhere. We love to see beauty in everything and we allured to it. Many fashion designers create numerous latest trends and fashion photography brings these changeable trends to us. Widely changes fashion world always showcase their talent in fashion shows organized by many fashion houses. Ravishing, Radiant and Glamorous Divas present the latest trends of the fashion world. How is it possible to attend every fashion show to get the information of what’s been presented?  Fashion photography gives you the inner sight of each and every fashion shows. It gives you entire information of what to wear according to latest trend of fashion. Who does not want to be updated about new trend?

Fashion photography has been started in 1856 by Adolphe Braun, a French photographer, to make the people aware of fashion world. There are numerous fashion photographers all over the world but some has distinction in it.  Michael William Paul; A reputed Director and Photographer who has earned reputation in the fashion world by his contemporary and creative approach. MWP is an insightful entrepreneur and a dedicated human being.

screenshot-michaelwilliampaul com 2016-04-29 22-18-54

Michael William Paul is a Director and Photographer, passionate about his work for both editorial and advertising. He has changed the perception of fashion and beauty photography. Michael‘s approach towards his works is factual and honest.  Reorganization and respect for new talent adds for value to quality of work. He always admires being working with young artists.

MWP being an international fashion and portrait photographer has been working over past 10 years with in the United Nations. He has started shooting a Television documentary in Russia in 1998 when he was an undergraduate; this encouraged the MWP to come in this field officially by journalism, photography or film. He was hired as a photographer initially later on; he turned an information and media consultant
While shooting as a Portrait photographer for largest women’s lecture series held in North America MWP got inspired by Jane Fonda, Shirley MacLain, Isabella Rossellini, Maya Angelou. Michael William Paul has tremendous knowledge about fashion and beauty. Many renowned International magazines like Elle, Town and Country, Harper’s Bazaar, Today’s Bride Flare, Arise, Wedding Bells has published his  fashion photography both editorial and advertising.

The special edition of book publication “New African Fashion “ has selected MWP’s  photograph of empowering three African super  models(Hawa, Nana and Sonia). He focused on producing and directing the photo shoots.  He has worked in front of the camera in the popular internationally syndicated Canadian TC series “In Your Space”. MWP has given guest appearances for E Network Television shows and VH1.

Michael William Paul has involved in many humanitarian ventures.  He is the founder of Universal Models for Peace (UMP), an international non-profit organization. Michael has represent UMP in the Fashion world Forum at the United States Headquarters on International Women’s Day with moderator and Fashion icon Fern Mallis and Carolyn Hardy of UN Women. He is the part of UN and contributing his service to solve the world issues.

Michael William Paul has given the new heights to fashion photography.

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MWP A Modern Model Revolution, Politics and Fashion Photographer

The emotion, the passion, the energy of Michael William Paul’s photography challenges the human race, jolts our mind, daring us to expand our consciousness beyond the passivity of routine thought. By Jillian Pacheco

But do protests equivalent to the caliber of those that fueled the revolutionary movements of decades past really happen anymore? How many of us really consider taking to the streets to protest when we’re dissatisfied with something going on in America? It has become popular in our modern culture to indirectly vent our grievances, taking to outlets such as social media without much intent of actually contributing to a possible solution. Not to say that social media isn’t a sound platform (since it was played a very influential role in the early Arab uprising and many political movements that followed), but I believe it is equally important, especially amongst the younger generation, to able to take our concerns to the heart of the issue, beyond the computer screen and outwardly display our passion. We are the future of this country, and by standing for something we have the potential to greatly impact its evolution.

I came across The Protest, a powerful editorial by director and photographer Michael William Paul that coincides with this idea of modern revolution. The images that comprise The Protest depict strong, beautiful, young women involved in a striking protest. Michael William-Paul fuses the world of fashion and politics encompassing the pure essence of a twenty-first century protest and conveying a much deeper message.


I caught up with Michael in New York City at his west side studio, MWP Studios, to pick his brain and find out what went into The Protest.

Where did the idea for the protest shoot come from? What was your inspiration?

Well ironically enough this production was done before the world broke out into protests and I had the idea well before that.  I had wanted to do some kind of fashion editorial protest shoot for many years…something that incorporated the drama and action of some of these clashes we have seen in history, at the same time not focusing on the revolutionary element as the center focus.  So I was more interested in something current, like  the contradiction of the peace and love image as they have just had enough a system breakdown.  This evolved when I started to look back at the WTO, IMF, G8, G20 and other types of civil/corporate clashes from the late 90’s and into the 2000’s. The economic crises in 2008-‘09 really gave way to a new rise in these demonstrations at a global level.  For many years I had been inside those meetings covering Heads of State and World Leaders so I wanted to tell the story about what was going on outside in the streets.

How did you decide upon the location?

It just so happened that the G20 was going to be in Toronto, a short hop from NYC, so this is where I decided to finally bring the concept to life.  Toronto is a city I know, with locations, crews, people, and a media that would surely get the town on their feet (and it did). Weeks before the production started the energy of anticipation had been so pre-meditated from the security chain fence wall that locked downtown, to the graffiti signs and early twitter posts foreshadowing the events to follow.

How did the energy at the actual protest affect you, your crew and the models? 

Well despite being well prepared, weeks of per-production, prep meetings, even security (I used male models as Secret Service Agents)–he chuckles–you really don’t know what to expect. Once you hit the streets and you have some 20 thousand people out there, police everywhere in full riot gear it’s hard not to feel the endorphin’s kick in. It was exciting to say the least and important for me to stay focused.

Did the environment lend way to new ideas that hadn’t been planned or premeditated?  Meaning, did the shoot shift or change your vision once apart of the actual protest?

Good question, and actually not at all. In fact the vision just became real.  This image had been in my head for years and now, finally, it was happening.  David Anthony* once told me–and if you don’t know who he is look him up because his work is brilliant– “80% has to be been seen before, 20% is left for randomness”, Film maker Michael Mann says and I paraphrase, “being completely prepared allows us to make our own accidents.” When the tools of preparation are applied it really is a great thing to watch unfold.

I heard you received backlash from people in the crowd about fashion and politics having nothing to do with one another, how do you counter that argument?

Yes, this is indeed true, some of the more radical participants of the demonstration, who held an opposition to the police line we stood up against, also held opposition to our little cultural message. They shouted “Fashion has nothing to do with Politics” I thought this absurd and that any intelligent person would know the opposite and I need not reference the history of fashions influence precisely on the political. But it didn’t stop us from doing our job.

Why do you believe people want to see something like this?

Well different people want to see different things, but I would want to see this, and I love art that is of this variety, real, confrontational, passionate. I hope to create more of it; hopefully people will want to see that stuff also.

Why only Girls?

Actually my boys were dressed as secret service agents. They are in a few scenes which never got published, but are available online.

Did you or anyone who was a part of the shoot experience any feelings of danger at any point?

I think the girls were probably the least scared, since it was a stage for them in a way, but I was more concerned for crew safety, I kept us back most of the time like a parent, the last thing I wanted was someone getting hurt by some crazy person or getting caught up in a stampede of tear gas and trampled.  We had many prep talks and security zones planned out, it was really the models that kept pushing forward, they were the brave ones.

What do you hope to inspire with this shoot, what do you want people to think about?

With all the media and world news since this, from the Occupy movements, Egypt and the Arab spring etc.  Our story was so well timed.  I sat on it for a half a year or more at my agent’s dismay, which is not like a fashion story that has to be out now because it becomes last weeks story fast.  I even held off through the Arab uprising, just releasing teasers and promos, then when occupy hit NYC streets, we were right on time.   The shoot has already been imitated many times by the very magazine that published it originally. In fact the editor made an entire edition based on this political genre, but in my opinion the momentum had passed. Looking back now, it sure was a great project to be part of.

Check out some images from Michael William-Paul’s Protest below.


Summer Sizzle BVI Promo Video Produced

Summer Sizzle 2016 – British Virgin Islands Promo
Summer Sizzle BVI 2016 kicked off with a festive launch party @yumi_katsura_couture showroom in the center of NYC fashion district with our host @nigelbarker wold renowned photographer and TV personality, former judge from America’s Next Top Model and The Face.
Produced and Directed by @michaelwilliampaul