Photographer’s Works Revolve around Current Issues and Fashion World

Michael William Paul has in his capacity as a fashion photographer, shot international advertising campaigns for various leading brands, and for numerous international fashion publications like Elle, Flare and Harper’s Bazaar, just to name a few.

He has also been part of projects that are seemingly in a different world altogether from fashion. He has worked alongside heads of state from different governments and with groups in the UN focused on humanitarian and world development projects.

Michael William Paul

He did a big project in Russia in 1998 when he was still a student. It just so happens the ruble crashed the year that he was there. It was only five or six years after the collapse of communism. So, while he was studying there, he brought a bunch of cameras and created a television documentary on transitional economics. He was there with graduate students, but I was an undergraduate. He was filming it and got a lot of really good footage that he composed into a television documentary.

And, from that exposure, in addition to shooting for the largest women’s lecture series in North America, which included personalities such as Jane Fonda and Maya Angelou, William-Paul started his journey onward and upward. He was initially recruited as a photographer.

Michael William Paul works with international governments, commonwealths, the UN and other NGO’s. He is not so much a journalist, his work is more official – people who have access are the governments, special publications, historical documentation, and so on. He is often considered by others to be more of an information and media consultant.

Many of the groups he works with are focused on economic development in developing countries. He works on the interest of focusing on the purpose of particular assignments, or advocacy or relating to the press.

Fashion Meets Global Purpose

William-Paul has strived to involve the fashion community in global issues. He founded Universal Models for Peace and is working on another project called the Model Ambassador Project (MAP). The first of the projects that UMP was involved in surrounded the International Economic Conference in West Africa. William-Paul worked to create a program around the conference.


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