MWP Biography

Michael William Paul has established himself as an instrumental Director and Photographer who’s cinematic vision has earned accolades and accelerated him to become a most sought after artist in a world of contemporary image making professionals.  His cutting edge approach to direction delivers an authentic style, Michael William-Paul appreciates and recognizes talent in a way that reflects an intensely personal emotion in his pictures, bridging a true connection between the characters and the audience.

Noticed for his keen eye in discovering new talent, he captures the actors, models and worldwide celebrities of the moment, as well as receiving commissions from dignitaries of high statures. Michael William-Paul’s observation for talent has lended itself into the  early career development of some of the most paramount young models and actors in the creative industry today.

Michael William Paul

It is this vision through the “lens” coupled with distinctive consideration for emotional true to life results, which makes Michael William-Paul so attractive for advertisers, companies, creative art directors, and producers, to reach out  for consulting ideas that can help them shape and reshape, design and launch, strong successful compelling narratives in there campaign to tell a story.

Michael’s motion picture work has led to producing, directing and staring in Hit Television Shows, and Films, and he has been invited on many occasions to bring his own on air style into the TV world as a feature and guest star in a variety of genres.  A celebrated actor and performer his on camera moments truly reflect a combined understanding for both the craft in front of the camera, and the direction behind.
Michael at an early point in his carrier was chosen as the portrait photographer for North America’s leading Women’s Lecture Series “Unique Lives and Experiences”.  This prospect led to the expansion of a significant ongoing compilation of Women’s portraiture, which will stand as a reflection of the worlds most distinguished and influential women of our time.

Conceivably Michael William Paul’s peak remarkable achievements might be, his dedicated and ongoing political, philanthropic and humanitarian ventures.  His name and work is highly regarded in an extensive client list of elevated government officials, which have led to elite coverage of assignments, from Directing the stage for International Forums and Heads of State Sumits,  to commissioned portrait work throughout the World, capturing the Amirs, Presidents, and Prime Ministers of every continent.

Documented with distinguished credibility in the international community his work throughout the United Nations has helped to shape a frontier of issues pertaining to advancing the Millennium Development Goals and Sustainability.  As Founder of Universal Models for Peace (UMP), and the (MAP) Model Ambassador Program, his humanitarian projects continue to have a wide reach.

Recognized for his prominent experience Michael has been familiar with numerous panels, and was prestigiously appointed the Director of Development for the World Fashion Forum which was launched during International Women’s day at the United Nations.

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